Not only do these opportunities enhance your travels, but someone else makes the arrangements and manages all the details leaving you free to savor the small group experience.

Small group travel is all that we do! We only use high quality Mercedes Vehicle's with 6 & 11 seats per vehicle all with dual air conditioning and UV protection tinted glass, it’s all we’ve ever done, from the beginning! And so because our company originated with the small group travel experience, the small group philosophy means a lot to us. It is built into the very foundation of our company, of our mission, and of every tour that we offer. We design and operate our tours specifically for small groups, rather than adapt a conventional tour to take fewer guests, as do some other travel companies that recently have "introduced" small group tours to their standard tour line-up!


We create and operate our own tours then offer them directly to you, so no middlemen to add to the cost along the way. We work closely with our Helicopter Suppliers, Boat Charter's, Venues, Hotels, and other travel partners to secure the lowest rates possible. Then we put those rates to good use by offering our tours at an excellent value. Not necessarily the lowest price, but the best ratio of price to experiences, quality, and service.

We invite you to compare our tours with those of other travel companies group size to group size; hotel quality to hotel quality; included sightseeing to included sightseeing; itinerary to itinerary and see for yourself. You’ll find that New Zealand Discovery Tours Limited offers the best package of small group travel and premium quality at an excellent value.