The Hobbiton Movie Set is a wonderful opportunity to see the original location,  which was rebuilt for the latest hobbit films "an unexpected Journey" This was the original  setting for Peter Jackson’s famous film trilogy “ The Lord of the Rings” This tour is approximately  5-6 hrs with time for lunch! leaving and returning from Tauranga and so can be ideal for clients from cruise ships wanting a quick tour, You will learn all about how this location was chosen as the Hobbiton Movie Set (which is a great story in itself!) and how the Hobbiton Movie Set was made, plus which scenes were filmed here.

You will have an official guide to show you around the  Hobbit holes  including  bilbo's and frodo's  home.

Wonder around the vegetable patches were Hobbits grow there food! with giant pumpkins laying around! and learn about the movie secrets and the attention to detail that is truly mind-boggling.

Your guide tells us how in Tolkien's books, there is a reference to hobbits sitting under plum trees, and how in New Zealand, plum trees grow too big to be the right scale for a hobbit so Peter Jackson had apple and pear trees, stripped of their fruit and replaced them with fake plums.

As for the oak tree on the hill? Also fake, with 376,000 artificial leaves imported from Taiwan and wired onto the tree. When the leaves faded in the sun, someone was employed to repaint them, one by one!

Walk past the Mill and the famous Party Tree that were created for "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" films. At the end of the tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set, There will be a complementary  drink waiting for you to enjoy in the Green Dragon Inn (Alcohol and non alcohol available)

Oh! and say hi to Pickles the resident cat that was left on the movie set, after being found  abandoned in a sack by side of the road! and then taken in by the gardner who took pity on her!             

Pickles in Front of the fire at the Green Dragon Inn "hobbiton"

 But who now lives in Hobbiton!


Adult $160.00nzd              Youth (9yrs -16yrs) $120.00nzd             Child (0yrs - 8yrs) $83.00nzd

There is a minimum charge of two adults for this tour!

This luxury tour is for accommodating up to 16 people.

Booking in advance is essential! to secure your seats.

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