Feel The History

This tour is approximately 3.5 hours tour you are able to experience the Geothermal wonderland of Rotorua (with geysers, steam vents and mud pools). This valley has many stories just waiting to be shared with you. Walk upon the earth where goddesses breathed fire and come face to face with the awesome power and majesty of the world’s most accessible geothermal site within Whakarewarewa thermal valley. 

Te Puia is an iconic destination for visitors

We start our journey leaving the port of Tauranga traveling along the beautiful shoreline of Mount Maunganui enjoying the scenic lush Kiwi fruit orchards and then on through the countryside arriving in Rotorua making our way to “Te Puia”

On arrival we will join an official guide (Many of the guides have direct links to Rotorua’s earliest host) who have descended from centuries of guides and storytellers they explain about the many geysers, mud pools and hot pools and take you on a journey where history, culture and Nature collide!

They showcase their vibrant Māori culture through dance and song. Even the architecture at Te Puia has stories to tell, with Māori carvings and structures of deep cultural significance, including the carved entranceway and the Rotowhio marae.

You will take a trip back through time and be treated to a cultural performance like no other. At Te Puia, the concerts are an experience not to be missed. Surrounded by the beautiful carvings of there ancestors, you will hear stories told through song and dance, with plenty of surprises thrown in. 

We visit all the geysers and the legendary Pohutu Geyser which was recently ranked in the world’s top 5 geysers by Lonely Planet, and when you are up close and personal to this natural wonder you will understand why. Erupting to a height of 30m (100 feet) up to 20 times a day, Pohutu is not only a spectacular sight, but also the most reliable geyser on earth.

Eruptions can last from a few minutes to several days, and in one rare case between 2000 and 2001, Pohutu Geyser erupted for over 250 days.



Here we also have a rare opportunity to view New Zealand’s national bird, the endangered kiwi. Once your eyes adjust to the specially lit, purpose built nocturnal kiwi house, you’ll spot our flightless friends foraging around for insects. Then visit the arts and Crafts institute which is located at Te Puia which has had students from tribes from across New Zealand for the last 50 years in order to learn time honoured traditions which were in danger of being lost forever, this includes the wood carving, weaving, stone & bone carving schools along with a waka building school! 

Maori Wood Caraving School at Te Puia

Kiwi Bird at Te Puia

This tour includes pickup, transport, all entrance fees, a guided tour with cultural performance (including the Haka)  a snack pack (containing New Zealand treats) & cold bottled water with return drop off back at the wharf.