Hobbiton Movie Set & Rotorua Adventure Park

from Auckland

Tour Overview:

A truly extraordinary fun day out visiting two top attractions "The Hobbiton Movie Set" and Rotorua Adventure Park in just one day from Auckland.  

This tour is a small group tour traveling south through the Waikato country side of Auckland and on to Rotorua, a city of strange sights and experiences with Bubbling mud pools, boiling steam pools, spurting geysers along with History & culture of the native Maori's.


Adventure and fun awaits with experiences on an 8 seater Gondola, Five rides on the famous Luge that snakes down the side of the mountain, A 385 metre dual zipline and the Sky swing which hoists you 50 metres above Skyline of Rotorua then swing you out from the side of the mountain!

After which a city tour of Rotorua and a magical tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set.

Overview of tour:


Your day to remember starts when we will collect you from your Hotel/Accommodation in Auckland at approximately 7:00-7.30am and start to make our way to Rotorua.

Being a small group tour, makes for a more friendly and personal service & your driver/guide will give you full commentary along your journey on interesting facts and information about New Zealand. 



Once we arrive at Rotorua we make our way to Mount Ngongotaha, where our fun will begin boarding one of the eight seater Gondola's to experience spectacular views as we climb the side of the Mountain with views of Lake Rotorua, the city & the steaming geothermal vista. The 900 metre long cableway system transports you and your group on a gentle, scenic ride up to the Skyline Rotorua complex. 

At the top there are a number of fun adventure attractions to choose from! In you Tour are included tickets for the Sky-Swing, 5 Luge rides, and the 385 metres on a dual zipline.

Description of the attractions as follows:

The three-seated Skyswing hoists you 50 metres above Skyline Rotorua, coming to a halt with a breath-taking view over Lake Rotorua and beyond. Hanging from your harness, with the release in your hand, it’s up to you to make the drop! Reaching 150kph, the Skyswing drop will give you a thrill like no other. Eventually the swinging will slow, but don’t get comfortable, we like to excite you one more time with a surprise to finish with!

5 Luge rides
Nestle into a Luge cart and zip off with friends or family to discover who has the skills to master the Luge.  You have total control over speed and direction.  Pull back on the bars to slow down, push forward to go and enjoy the ride. There are 3 tracks to choose from scenic, intermediate or advanced.  After a stunning chair-lift ride back to the top, once is never enough. The Luge is great for any age (the oldest rider is 101) and small children can ride with adults.

Get harnessed up before descending 385 metres on a dual zipline, you can choose to race a friend or to have the Adrenaline rush on your own with a drop of 48 vertical metres. Flying through the sky amongst majestic Redwood forest up to 80km/h, you're zipping through the air on a thrilling ride. The Zoom Zipline finishes on a platform by our Luge chairlift but the fun isn't over yet - now's your chance to take a leap of faith and jump off the gangplank for a 10 metre free-fall (if your feeling brave) or you may choose the stairs. 


Whilst hear there is the opportunity to enjoy an all inclusive gourmet deluxe buffet lunch!
Relax and enjoy a delicious 3 course gourmet buffet style lunch, at the Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar, which is home to some of New Zealand’s best award-winning cuisine. Enjoy a delicious Lunch featuring a stunning array of freshly prepared buffet and cooked-to-order dishes highlighting locally sourced seafood, meat and produce.

After Lunch:

We make our way back down in the gondola and head towards a strange and unusual landscape with the aroma of sulphur and sights of steam vents exiting the earth at every available crevice. We take you on a city tour of Rotorua with quick stops along the way to see and experience this strange land of aromas, sound and sights!  surrounded by geothermal activity (geysers, steam vents and mud pools).

We Leave Rotorua city, a city that has become the most visited city for Tourist in New Zealand and  and head north toward's another wounderfull and strange land to experience the magic of Hobbiton!

The Hobbiton Movie Set:

The Hobbiton Movie Set is a wonderful opportunity to see the original location, which was rebuilt for the latest hobbit film "an unexpected Journey". This was the original setting for Peter Jackson’s famous film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”. You will learn all about how this location was chosen as the Hobbiton Movie Set (which is a great story in itself!) and how it was made plus which scenes were filmed here.

You will have an official guide to show you around the Hobbit holes including Bilbo's and Frodo's home. Wander around the vegetable patches where Hobbits grow their food including giant pumpkins. Learn about the movie secrets and the attention to detail that is truly mind-boggling. Your guide will tell you how in Tolkien's books, there is a reference to Hobbits sitting under plum trees and how in New Zealand plum trees grow too big to be the right scale for a hobbit so Peter Jackson had apple and pear trees, stripped of their fruit and replaced them with fake plums. As for the oak tree on the hill? Also fake, with 376,000 artificial leaves imported from Taiwan and wired onto the tree. When the leaves faded in the sun, someone was employed to repaint them, one by one. Walk past the Mill and the famous Party Tree that were created for "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" films. At the end of the tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set there will be a complimentary drink waiting for you to enjoy in the Green Dragon Inn (Alcohol and non-alcohol available) Oh! and say hi to Pickles the resident cat that was left on the movie set, after being found abandoned in a sack by side of the road! and then taken in by the gardener who took pity on her.

This is a fun day of adventure & discovery suitable for all the family or groups.

This tour includes pickup, transport, entrance fees to both Hobbiton and Rotorua's Adventure Park up Mount Ngongotaha, guided tours to both Hobbiton and Rotorua, and includes a snack pack (containing New Zealand treats) with cold bottled water, then return drop off back to your Hotel in Auckland.  

A minimum charge of four adults is required for this tour!

This is a small group tour.

Minimum of four Adults requred to book

Day Tour cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee & Your Deposit will be refunded!
  • If you cancel between 7 and 30 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

  • Jump on board a 8 seater Gondola & experience spectacular views of Lake Rotorua, once at the top the thrills begin. 
  • Jump in a luge cart & race down the track with its sweeping bends and exhilarating sections, or take the scenic track through the redwood forest. 
  • Next hold on tight and fly through the air amongst Skylines majestic redwood forest on a Zoom Zip-line. 
  • Then face your fears and test your limits at New Zealand’s only Sky-swing which doubles as Rotorua’s highest and fastest adrenaline rush!
  • You will have an official guide to show you around the Hobbit holes, the Shire, The Party Tree and much more. Then learn about the movie secrets and the attention to detail that is truly mind-boggling.